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 Cemtech Energy Controls, Inc. has 40 years experience providing engineering services, control systems and instrumentation for a variety of industries. The real strength of Cemtech lies in our ability to solve problems through extensive product knowledge, proper product application, close relationships with customers and coordination with factory representatives. Our products range from Field and Analytical instruments to Data Acquisition and network solutions, from distributed control systems and annunciators to gas monitors, chemical analyzers and pH sensors. Take a look and find that we represent the quality companies in the industry.


As an independent company, we know our success depends on how well we serve the interests of industries in your area. While we enjoy long-term ties with manufacturers of top-quality control products and instrumentation, the bottom line is that Cemtech exists to serve customers. We perform well, and customers continue to buy our products because we've earned their trust.

Industries that we Serve

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Learn more about Gas Detection with Gas Book 1

Part one of the Gas Book series from Honeywell focuses on why and when the presence of certain gases is cause for concern. This Gas Book also features gas data and exposure limit charts which are essential in any gas and chemical environment.

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