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Flow Products

The Original Rotameter

The Variable Area Flowmeter is one of the oldest and mature principles in flow measurement with its simple design: a float rises inside a conically shaped glass tube as the flow increases and its position on a scale can be read off as the flow rate.

AXF Magnetic Flow Meter

The ADMAG AXF is the magnetic flow meter which has adopted the proven Dual Frequency Excitation.

The AXF has user-friendly functions; such as an electrode adhesion level diagnosis function, infra-red switches which can be used for setting parameters without opening the case cover, ability to change the direction of electrical connection on the site.

Digital YEWFLOW Vortex Flow Meter

The digitalYEWFLO vortex flow meter is accurate and stable, even in harsh process conditions, and has a highly reliable and robust design that delivers improvements in plant efficiency and reduced operating costs

RotaMASS Coriois Flow Meter

ROTAMASS is the integral and remote type Coriolis Mass Flow Meter. Both types have highly refined digital signal processing electronics, so that accurate and stable mass flow measurement is achieved.

Additional Flow Products

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